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Personal Traning & Professional Makeup Services with IFBB Figure Pro and Certified Makeup Artist, Chaundra Tangi 


With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and even more as a makeup artist, I strive to provide you with a unique and wonderful experience. My dream as a child was to have "Chaundra's Clips and Counseling", so to this day while my focus is on the service, whether its makeup or nutrition or training in the gym, I enjoy listening and coaching through whatever it is on your mind. If you are trying to a get a good set in or to set you mind right before stepping on stage or in front of the camera, it's important to be clear and positive!


..is that you will leave not only looking priceless, but feeling that way too!

In Addition

While I specialize in stage hair and makeup, life has shifted me towards beauty makeup... photo shoots, weddings, senior photos, you name it!

Also, check out my personal blog at www.heartsoulmindstrength.org


Ashley Juhl Wedding

I had the honor of flying to Ohio to do hair and makeup for the bride and bridal party on this beautiful day! Ashley is a gorgeous woman and even more stunning bride! 

There are more of her wedding photos in the gallery.

Check out her complete line of skincare at www.ashleyjuhlskincare.com


Sometimes I have the most fun doing my own makeup for photoshoots. This is my therapy. 

I also trained myself for both of these shoots. The photo on the left was in 2012 with my dear friend and photographer, Terry Goodlad (6 months postpartum). The one on the right is on my 40th birthday with photographer Brett Seeley. 

I have to thank 2 of my clients, Jessica and Catherine for pushing me into the shoot for my 40th. I was in a rut and not taking very good care of myself. They inspired me and purchased this shoot for my birthday gift. I had to wrap my head around how much they cared about me and wanted to treat me. Once I got my mind in the game, the training became effortless and the shoot was a blast. Check out more in the gallery of us together as well.

Shooting with Terry is always motivational and inspiring. He has a way of bringing out things I've never even seen in myself. I've shot with him in the best shape and in the worst and I am happy with both outcomes because he brings out what I feel inside, which is a daughter of the Most High, a loved wife and mom and simply an imperfect woman chasing after the heart of God.


After years of hosting the Colorado NPC Bodybuilding competitions and running  a team of artists and stylists I realized I had lost some of my passion... Not my passion for makeup, but something was missing. I was traveling the country and always in a rush. I missed my family, and I missed my clients. I decided it was time to slow down. What was once 45 minutes sessions had become 20-30 minutes, I didn't want that any longer. I wanted to go back to interacting and connecting with my girls! After taking a little step back I am now enjoying makeup and hair for photoshoots, weddings, prom, and even back to bodybuilding competitions. (only now I take just 2-3 clients per show and get to spend time learning their stories and connecting with them like I used to.) 

I love stage makeup and even more, the joy of creating a dramatic look while still being soft and beautiful. However, I do still keep some of my "Tracy Hess" (rest in peace my sweet friend) lashes on hand for those who still want all out DRAMA! xoxo!    


For all training or makeup inquiries, contact me here or call 303.929.0626.